This drawing is called Combinations, meaning when you fuse things together to make new things. Here is an explanation of each combination.

1. Wolf + tornado + wind = Wornado

2. Dingo + lightning + clouds = Thunderus

3. Afghan + spiky vines + tree stumps with leaves = Ferndoubler

4. Tassie tiger + bubbling hot lava + fire = Infernator

5. Bull dog + boulder + mountain = Macewindu

6. Prancing cat + coral + water = Trident



This creature is like something out of ‘How to train your dragon’. I drew this in 2010 when I was about 6.


The big fish is like an angler fish with the lamp lure dangling from the front. I did this in 2010 when I was about 6.

Angry Birds in Space

Angry Birds in Space was released on March 22 and my mum downloaded it onto her phone for me. This is what I drew after playing it for a few days straight.